Fun & Games

Here you can download coloring pictures, games and many other fun things to create yourself.

Oskar und Geierwally
Oskars Zimmer

Be creative

Create your own ghost world. You can download many fun things here, print them out and design them yourself.

Check back from time to time, because we want to expand our downloads constantly.

Coloring Pictures

Create your own ghost world. Here you will find all the characters and other pictures to color yourself.

Of course you can also use crazy colors – just like your mood is today.

Oskars Zimmer
Oskars Geistergeschichten


Here you can print out all the characters in different formats to hang on your wall.

Who is your favorite character? Who is most like you? In any case, your ghost friends should encourage you and remind you that you yourself have superpowers!


More to come soon …    

Igors Küche