Witch Geierwally

The witch Geierwally is a daredevil little witch and Oskar’s best friend.

Geierwally Labor

Witch Geierwally

Is always up for an adventure!

Geierwally is loud, cheeky and daring – in other words, the absolute opposite of Oskar! 

She loves to brew magic potions in her laboratory that give her superpowers. But most of the time it doesn’t work at all and instead the whole soup explodes! And then everything has to be cleaned up again. Oh no! 

But she doesn’t really care. She drinks a lemonade and her world is fine. Because life works without superpowers too!

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Recipes for magic potions

As you can imagine, the witch Geierwally loves action! That’s why she’s always happy when Oskar comes by to py her a visit and they can start a new adventure together – the more exciting, the better!

With her brash nature, she sometimes gets Oskar and herself into quite a bit of trouble. But Oskar’s prudent nature, together with Geierwally’s courage, make the two of them an invincible team.

Together they manage to survive every adventure and the two of them get up to a lot of mischief together. If only Igor, the old party pooper, wouldn’t always interfere.

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